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Caring Comes First

Our Brand Story

Excellent Care starts with caring. About people. About our work. About our community. It's easy to say. Everyone says it. Caring is a universal buzzword in business and especially in healthcare. But anyone with experience in healthcare knows that there are challenges to making good on the promise of that word. Providers tasked with meeting demand, ensuring profitability, being efficient—code for being fast. Patients left feeling dismissed, even degraded, frightened, or harmed.

We believe there's room for a revolution in healthcare, one that's achievable through small philosophical and practical changes.

Our arena is women's imaging and wellness, but we care about better care across the board. We want to set a beautiful example in our practice. We want our patients to feel good.  And here's how we're going to do it.  


Prioritize caring rather than providing care. People aren't cars in for an oil change. Caring is more than a service. How a patient is cared for affects everything from the accuracy of screening and diagnostic exams to their likelihood of seeking care in the future, even the quality and consistency of their own self-care. Caring MATTERS. Caring comes first.


Teach and universally practice compassion. Ensure that all staff have the tools, training, time, and support required to be consistently kind, present, and empathetic. And ensure that all staff are treated with the same level of compassion that they are asked to offer their patients.


Reach the community. Quell the fear. Squash misinformation. Empower and embolden through education.


Believe that efficiency and excellent professional craft, even profitability, don't have to come at the cost of connecting with people, building positive, lasting relationships—making someone feel safe, seen, heard, and valued.

In fact, if you're doing it right, all of those things are either aspects or products of great care, the kind of care that everyone deserves.