Headshot for Marykay Pruckno, she stands in front of a pink backdrop wearing a soft purple blouse, a pink necklace, and is smiling at the camera. Her arms are crossed playfully in front of her chest and her brown hair is blowing behind her.

Mammography Tech SR

Marykay Pruckno, RT (R) (M) (CT)


  • Southern Vermont College Bennington,VT, Bachelor's of Science

Marykay has worked in medical imaging for 7 years. She’s had special training in computed tomography and mammography. She’s also got what you might call a unique sense of humor. She loves to hear patients laugh. It’s a sign that while under her care they feel safe, comfortable, and at ease. Cared for. That’s really important to her. 


Caring for others is what drew Marykay to the medical field, and it’s why she’s never left.


Family. Family. Family. When not with her patients, there is nothing Marykay would rather be doing, no place she’d rather be than in the company of her loved ones.  

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